At IdealofMeD, we believe that Living Your Ideal Me can be done sustainably. After all, ideal is what is perfect and most suitable. Read how we (can) achieve this together.
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We work enthusiastically to create products that bring balance to how you feel about yourself and your environment. We believe creating sustainability is all about the small steps you (can) take each day to your ideal self and surroundings.

Most visible perhaps are our refillable glass jars. They will bring you esthetical joy and make it easy to support your sustainable choice. You can order refills online, which have a much lower impact on the environment. But there is more.All our packaging is produced from recycled paper. They are designed so that you can reuse them, for example, to store small goods.

And for each product you buy, refill you order or treatment you book we compensate the carbon emissions by planting trees together with Tree-Nation. This way you are carbon-negative – giving back more to the environment than you take.

Finally, a truly healthy environment can only exist with freedom and peace. We donate money from each sale to the Ukrainian national funds until the end of the war. We stand with Ukraine.

Besides providing you with the best products, we also hope we inspire you to contribute to a more healthy and clean world full of energy, beauty and harmony. As the Greek proverb says: “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.”

We are continuing to work enthusiastically in finding ways to improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. We hope you enjoy our products and can rest assured that in your choice of IdealofMeD, you are playing a part in a green future.


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