IDEAL products designed to bring joy and harmony to your life, our planet and the people around us.

IdealofMeD. Hair Restoring Products

 Modern-day scientific advances such as DHI and FUE Hair transplantation have changed the lives of many. From the first time you hear about hair transplantation to the second you land in Turkey and arrive at IdealofMeD. for your life-changing procedure, it is an exciting journey. 

We plant a tree each time a product is ordered or treatment is booked. IdealodMeD. cares about our impact on the environment which is why we have partnered with Tree-Nation to aid in the fight against deforestation. To date, our IdealofMeD. Forest, located in Copaíba, Brazil, has compensated for 126,82 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Our environment-conscious products:

  • Are packaged in recycled materials
  • Don’t use plastic unless it is necessary
  • Are SLS/SLES and DEA Free
  • Come in re-usable bottles

The Importance of Adequate Hair Transplant Recovery

Because the prospect of a new hairline is so electrifying, it is easy to forget about a highly important aspect of your hair transplantation journey – recovery. The days and weeks immediately following your surgery are an important time for healing and recovery and the steps you take during this phase will have a large effect on the overall result of your procedure.

Because we at IdealofMeD. care about our patients, we have worked alongside the world’s most skilled experts to formulate the finest hair restoration recovery and maintenance products to nourish and feed your hair, protect your transplanted hair follicles, and keep the scalp clean to avoid infection throughout the duration of your hair transplant recovery process. In addition to our packages including post-operative recovery boosting treatments such as:

  • vitamin injections after the hair washing process for all of our IdealofMeD. hair transplant patients
  • PRP and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which is included in our premium, executive and female packages

We have also included Ideal products and product bundles to help you maintain your new hairline and get maximized results from your hair transplant procedure.

Ideal Hair Restoration Ingredients

 A significant amount of research and consideration was placed on the formulation of our Ideal products. We have ensured that all our Ideal products have included nourishing, cleansing and hair-growth supporting ingredients to ensure that our patients receive the best possible results from their hair transplantation procedure. Some of the key ingredients we have incorporated into our hair restoring products include growth-stimulating, strengthening and cleansing ingredients.
Maintaining a clean and healthy scalp is an essential component in healthy, strong hair growth. Improper care and cleansing of the scalp lead to build-up because of dirt, sweat and excess oils such as sebum that block the hair follicles. This blockage may result in impaired hair growth, inflammation and dandruff. Amongst other significantly beneficial ingredients found in the Ideal Hair Restoring Products, the following ingredients reinforce and hydrate the hair shafts, while supporting healthy strong hair growth of both transplanted and original hair:
  • Propacil Propacil has been found to boost hair growth and strengthen hair follicles by up to 121% and is naturally found in citrus and olive trees. It does so by preventing the effects of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a chemical by-product of the testosterone levels present in your body, that affects hair loss, primarily contributing to conditions such as alopecia.
  • Biotin – Biotin has the ability to improve your body’s keratin structure, in turn, strengthening and protecting your hair from damage and breakage, furthermore assisting in hair growth.
  • Saw Palmetto – Much like propacil, saw palmetto acts as a protective shield against DHT which has a direct relation to hair loss in men. Therefore, saw palmetto consequently aids in hair growth, contrary to the effects of DHT.
  • Hyaluronic acid – Apart from hyaluronic acid benefitting the hair strands, this ingredient also locks moisture into the skin, aiding in collagen development in the scalp which leaves the scalp hydrated and less prone to dandruff.
  •  Aloe Vera – Aloe vera is a well-known soothing agent, making it an obvious and ideal candidate for hair restoration recovery. In addition to it’ soothing qualities which assist in managing inflammation of the scalp, it also promotes healthy hair owing to naturally occurring proteolytic enzymes that cleanse the scalp. This boosts the scalp’s ability to absorb essential nutrients found in our Ideal hair recovery products.