Proskin Lotion 125 ml


Ideal ProSkin Lotion OZONIC

Proskin Lotion 125 ml

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This Ideal ProSkin Lotion will boost your skin with its combination of organic substances coupled with Panthenol and Multi-Vitamin Complex.

The proven formula has been specifically developed to restore sensitive, inflamed or irritated skin, making it ideal for external application during for example the first 30 days after a hair restoration procedure. The product is also appropriate for use after laser therapy and whenever your skin needs restoring, or cleansing and soothing.

The unique formula:

  • Promotes deep self-renewal and restoration of skin.
  • Nurtures hair follicles and improves general skin health.
  • Ozone and Beta-Glucans assists in the prevention of infections.
  • The deeply moisturizing formula will calm and soothe irritation and dry scalp.
  • Can assist in removing crusts and excess skin particles associated with hair restoration treatments.